Platform Customization

Expand the capabilities and security of your platform by integrating with the core of our Formal Verification proof engine.

  • Customized Verification Solution

    Receive an automated Formal Verification layer for your platform that can assist in identifying vulnerabilities in smart contracts within your blockchain ecosystem

    Popular Features

    • Exclusively built for your blockchain platform
    • Parses the front-end for your smart contract language
    • Adapts to the unique characteristics of your platform
    • Provides an automated audit solution for your users
  • Formal Verification of Your Platform

    Conduct rigorous Formal Verification to audit your blockchain platform and eliminate several critical vulnerabilities that may affect your blockchain ecosystem

    Popular Features

    • Customized specifications and verifications to identify the presence of vulnerabilities
    • Consulting services to evaluate the specific functionality of your platform
    • Continued support through future version upgrades
    • Academic, research-level collaboration

How does it work?

For blockchain protocols, CertiK provides customized solutions by performing Formal Verification for smart contracts and DApps developed on the platform, aiming to ensure a trustworthy blockchain ecosystem and a prosperous decentralized community.

  • User Case Scenarios

    If you have a blockchain platform on which independent developers create DApps, you may hope that your developers write as little bugs as possible, as each bug may lead to significant loss and instability in your ecosystem.

  • CertiK Strategy

    Our programming language / formal verification experts will analyze your platform and design a mathematical model for its language. Once converted to our mathematical model, the DApps on your platform can be protected as any other DApps protected by CertiK.

  • Deliverables

    With our product, the correctness of DApps on your platform can be verified with machine-checkable proofs or disproved with automatically generated counterexamples.

Developers want to have high confidence that their DApps are free of bugs.

You are building a DApp ecosystem on your platform, and want to make sure that the apps deployed are secure with an audit service.

You may want to continuously scan for some known bugs among all the DApps on your platform.

Bug-free DApps

DApp Ecosystem

Continuously scan bugs

Customized security solutions

Series of certified plug-ins

Smart contract verification

Certified DApprepository

Platform been protected by CertiK

vertified with machine-checkable proofs

disproved with automatically generated counterexamples

Why Choose CertiK?

  • Built to support the native languages running on your platform

  • Highly customized for the features of your platform, protocol, or virtual machine

  • Automated security solutions to better protect your blockchain ecosystem

  • Developed by a world-class team of academics, researchers, and engineers

  • How do you determine the scope of work of your platform customization?

    Because every blockchain protocol is different, we begin by organizing a scoping conversation to make sure that we’re on the same page and that expectations are clear. By learning more about the project, we’ll be able to better contribute to the best ways to improve the security of your ecosystem.

  • Why doesn’t everybody perform Formal Verification?

    Formal Verification is extremely rigorous and difficult to perform, since it requires precise, unambiguous specifications. Historically, Formal Verification has been more common for mission-critical hardware systems, like NASA’s Mars Rover, but because smart contracts are self-executing and often open-sourced, blockchain software has seen the need for these higher standards of security. Our team of Formal Verification experts, which is led by Computer Science professors of Yale and Columbia, have several decades of experience in this space.

  • What is Formal Verification, and why is it important?

    Formal Verification mathematically proves that code will work as intended, computing all possible scenarios. With an estimated $1B of assets stolen in 2018, this level of rigor is the only way to objectively show immunity against some of the most critical and frequent vulnerabilities.

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